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Pros and Cons of buying a home during COVID-19

Based on a survey of 1,000 people, LendingTree found more than half of home buyers are more likely to purchase a home within the year, while 20% are less likely. When we break these numbers down, first-time home buyers and millennials are the top people motivated to buy within the year. LendingTree discovered that their top two motivators are:

  • “Taking advantage of record-low mortgage rates (67%).”
  • “Being able to save a larger down payment because of reduced spending (32%).”

Our team analyzed the Pros and Cons of buying a home this year. The Pros included, Interest Rates being at an all time low; which means you can get more house for your budget. However, a big con is that many people are filing for unemployment which can impact loan qualification. Many Sellers are also hesitant about allowing buyers to do an in-person walk throughs, leaving Buyers with virtual showing options. At The C4 Group we are doing our best to maintain all aspects of the home buying process and keep it as stress-free as possible, even in these trying times.

The Real Estate market is still continuing  to thrive and it is a strong Seller’s market in Arizona. Inventory is very low but the number of buyers continues to grow. Our team is trained to negotiate the best deal for you and get you the house of your dreams no matter what the hurdles may be!

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